Your swing didn't come "off the shelf"
Neither should your clubs!







Regardless of your playing ability you owe it to your game (and your budget)

to have your clubs fitted to YOU

What clubfitting can do for you-                because-

*Adjust the length of your existing clubs





*Measure and adjust the loft/lie angles of your irons 






 *Reshaft your clubs to match your swing characteristics 




* Adjust your putter to match your swing style and feel

                       Club length is crucial to controlling:





Loft is crucial to the overall length of the shot as well as the distance difference between clubs.  

Lie is crucial to directional control.  Too upright a lie angle causes pulls and hooks and too flat causes pushes and slices.

Even clubs that are made by the major companies need to be adjusted to your swing.


Shafts that are too stiff can feel dead while shafts that are too flexible may be hard to control. Either way you may lose distance and accuracy.



The putter is the main scoring club in your bag.  A properly fitted putter will ensure consistency and promote confidence in your putting.